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Noli Care - Alzheimer's and Elderly Care
in the Philippines

Care that feels like home


We started Noli Care over 20 years ago to take care of our Lola, Noli. And we’ve been doing it ever since – taking care of your loved ones with the same love and dedication like they’re our own.

Manila citizen satisfied with elderly care
Patient enjoying Alzheimer's living facility
Patient in an assisted living facility
Alzheimer's patients in a nursing home in Quezon City

More than just nursing care

Tenderness and a loving touch work wonders when caring for our elderly. Our caregivers and nurses are not only expertly trained to care for elderly adults, they also provide the warmth and support your elderly loved ones need.

Dementia skilled nursing and elderly care
Our Story

Born out of a daughter's love for her mother

Noli Alzheimer's and Elderly Care Center
Dra. Rosa Carpio, CEO and Founder

My Mom has Alzheimer’s. My father died when I was only three years old, so my mother became a single mom working hard to bring us up. Now, I want to be there for her. Alzheimer’s is a difficult disease. I had to teach my children not to react when my mom got angry with them for little or no reason at all. For example, she would spank my son when he plays in the garden or nag the girls to dress up for school, even on Sundays. What do I say when my eldest girl tells me that my two younger children feel that I love my mom more than them? What do I do when I feel depressed trying to meet the needs of my mom, my husband, and my children? What do I do when I find my mom crying despite my best efforts? What do I do when I cannot be around her all the time and I hear her caregiver being irritable and rough in handling her? I think it is time to find a safe, comfortable home for my mom where she will be happy, have friends around her, and retain her dignity. I have found NOLI! Now, I will always be there for her but even better because every weekend, when we take her home, my family and I will be eager and happy to be with her.

In a facility with assistance in daily living

Over 20 years experience in Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

We are the first Alzheimer’s Care Center in the Philippines, structured and programmed specifically for Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. 


Alzheimer's care can be overwhelming


Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or similar dementia can be overwhelming especially for non-professionals. But now, you don’t have to do it alone. Let us help. We’ve been there.

Providing the same loving care we gave our Lola Noli

24-hour nursing care. We provide round the clock care such as continuous assessment and progress monitoring, medication management, etc.  

Individualized care plan. This allows the residents to live at their pace, focus on their strengths, enhance their positive self-image, and help to make each day a meaningful experience.

Assistance in daily living. We provide personal care assistance such as eating, bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, grooming, toilet assistance, transfers to and from chair and bed, etc.  

Programmed mental, physical, and social activities This allows residents to lead an active day with activities designed to stimulate and arouse mental process while social activities allow them to learn, grow, and feel connected to others with similar needs. 

Cost of Care

Cost of Private Nursing Home Care


Private Nursing Homes in the Philippines typically offer more skilled nursing than homes for the aged, which are normally government-run facilities. Private nursing homes provide a higher-quality of care by providing personalized care plans with better healthcare staff to patient ratios. Noli Care brings elderly care to a level higher by offering specialized Alzheimer's and Dementia care. Please give us a call through our contact information below for information on our rates.

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